Crate Service

Specialized Crate Service in Arizona

Crate service in Arizona is a specialized service. Industrial Crating Pack & Services are here to help you throughout Arizona. We will customize the crate to your needs. You can design the crate that will fit your item that you will be shipping out. You can also send us a print that we can design a crate for you. We can also stop by your facility to look at what you need crated and give our suggestion on the best way to crate your product. We have 20+ years of experience behind our belt. With the 20+ years of experience there are many ways that we have grown and experienced different problems and improved our crates on how we make them.

ICPS #1 Phoenix AZ Crating Services

Crating service can help with different things. Our crating company will help with many different things. We are able to help with container loading, picking up product that needs to be crated and then have you schedule shipping from our facility. We can crate at your facility. ICPS will make the crate and schedule a time for us to be at your facility and bring all the equipment necessary to crate on-site. We specialize in making the crate in our facility and then bring to your facility and crate up your product. Having all the sides premade speeds up the product crating at your facility. We are able to make multiple crates that are needed for large quantity of orders. We can also schedule crates through out the year to receive them on a regular basis. Then you will never be low on the crates that you need.

Crate service can help you plan and discover the best way to ship your product!

Our crating service is here to help with all your crating needs in Arizona. Please give Industrial Crating Pack & Services a call with questions.