Science Projects for Distance Learning

“Mini Dinosaur Dig”

Are you looking for science-based, home-school projects you can do with your high school student during this distance learning time? Check out my TpT store for the addition of “Mini Dinosaur Dig” Projects. Each Mini dinosaur project contains three dinosaurs to assemble. One student can assemble and research all three dinosaurs, one student can assemble and research a single dinosaur of their choosing, or up to three students can assemble and research their own individual animal. This offers an appropriately sized project for the distance learner! Additionally, there are multiple Mini projects that are available to choose from, each Mini Project containing three different dinosaurs.


Distance Learning Activities

High school science classrooms typically incorporate one capstone project or lab per unit. This allows students to demonstrate their understanding in a comprehensive way. During this distance learning time, some parents may want or need to locate appropriate activities to augment their student’s learning. Every district across this country is operating their distance learning in their own unique way to accommodate the differing needs of their students and communities. Some districts are requiring rigorous assignments from their students, while others are relaxing their expectations.

MidnightStar has added more items that can be used at home. Other activities that can be used from home include: “Geology and Earth Science Bucket Lists”, “Name that Dinosaur”, and “Playdough Topographic Island”. Each of these projects sparks the interest of students and helps to make learning interesting! What home-school parent doesn’t love an activity that is complete, tested and tweaked by an established teacher over many years to make their lives easier? If that describes you, then check out my store and see which Earth Science project is perfect for your student!



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