Advantages of Plastic Corrugated Among Others

advantages of plastic corrugated among others

Plastic Corrugated Core Boxes are much lighter than hard injection-molded boxes and wood. They will outlast waxed-impregnated core boxes. The core boxes are impenetrable to water and up to 99% of chemicals, so they are ideal for the environment.

Advantages of Plastic Corrugated Among Others

Plastic Corrugated Core Box has many advantages compared to Waxed Fiber Paper Corrugated Core Box, Wood Core Box, and Injection Molded Core Box. Here are their characteristics accordingly.

  1. Plastic Corrugated Core Box Containers

As mentioned above, plastic corrugated core box containers are much lighter than any other container, saving you on shipping costs. They are not affected by moisture or 99% of all chemical types. Furthermore, they will hold up to wet cores, rainy days, and high humidity. That’s why they are ideal for almost all environments.

You can store your plastic corrugated box containers for years with no noticeable difference in performance. You can also reuse them repeatedly on additional projects or new drill sites.

  1. Waxed Fiber Paper Corrugated Core Box Containers

Waxed Fiber Paper Corrugated Core Box Containers become heavy and slippery when exposed to the sun’s heat or moisture. Therefore, the wax softens while also breaking and losing its efficacy. Also, the wax can contaminate core samples.

When handling large cores, waxed fiber paper corrugated core box containers are also hazardous since they become slippery and quickly drop. They will also delaminate with time, especially if exposed and left outside. The more moisture in the cores, the faster these core boxes degrade.

  1. Wood Core Box Containers

Wood Core Box Containers are hefty and will have issues if exposed to moisture for a lengthy period. They take up many spaces and rooms on the job site and are nearly double the weight of any other material. Furthermore, they are the most costly of all the core box container alternatives to transport.

  1. Injection Molded Core Box Containers

Injection-molded or rigid plastic core box containers are dependable but also hefty. Unlike plastic corrugated core box sets, they do not ship folded. Furthermore, rigid plastic core boxes and containers can fracture or shatter if dropped or mishandled.

For Your Plastic Corrugated Needs, Call Plastic Packaging Solutionsplastic corrugated needs

Many of our clients keep coming back because they know the advantages of plastic corrugated and trust our products. Plastic Packaging Solutions has a variety of core box container sizes available. We have the most common sizes in stock for rapid and immediate delivery. Plus, we can also make custom sizes for your needs.

Our clients requested sizes ranging from 1 5/8″ to 4 1/4″. We also have created a custom core box for up to 6″ x60″ in size. Any size is possible to make.