How to Do a Giveaway at an Event

Promotional Products

People enjoy free goods, from conference freebies to weddings, celebrations, online events, and the prospect of winning. However, each event giveaway will have distinct objectives and target groups.

How to Do a Giveaway at an Event

Every brand desires greater attention on their items. Going viral is the desire, but it is not a simple task, especially in a saturated industry. Giveaways strike the ideal mix between promoting your items and growing your reach while also offering an exciting activity for customers to participate in.

Here are some terrific giveaway ideas at an event for promoting your business:

Free Item

The premise behind this product giveaway is simple: offer the winner free goods or services. The conditions for participating may vary, but most require participants to sign up for a newsletter, follow a social network account, or shoot a particular photo.

A free item is also an excellent gift option if your business provides services. You may give out a service rather than a commodity.

Free Item with Purchase

For this gift concept, require your consumers to make a minimum purchase. In exchange, you will give them an additional product as a bonus. Free products with purchase are a tried-and-true giveaway type that may help you enhance the average order value (AOV) and boost sales quickly.

Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO)

Consumers must purchase one product to be eligible for this. As a thank you, you may give them one free product.

Spin to Win

Spin-to-win is an innovative and exciting product giveaway concept that allows you to make the customer experience more engaging. Depending on your aim, you may award various prizes, such as discounts, free things, surprise coupons, or other incentives.

Event Giveaways


A classic sweepstake is a form of giveaway in which participants act for a chance to win rewards. It’s like a fortunate draw or random selection method. You can win something by doing an action, such as introducing a customer, subscribing to a newsletter, or following and commenting on a social network post.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a good gift option for small businesses such as fashion stores since they are easy to implement. To increase participation, select a gift card value that is appealing enough to motivate people to join.

Product Launch

Another fabulous giveaway concept is to generate awareness about a new product. You may offer the future product or one of the latest arrivals as an incentive. Like other company gift ideas, using a countdown in such campaigns may generate excitement and involvement.

Shop Credit

This gift concept is straightforward and intriguing: you give customers shopping credit for your store and partners. Many companies collaborate with partners to offer store credit giveaways.

Photo Contest

Photo competitions are a fun gift concept in which you invite your consumers to submit unique images of themselves, usually alongside your items. The best photograph receives a prize. Photo competitions are an excellent way to increase consumer interaction and establish a community around your brand.

Quiz or Survey

A quiz-based giveaway is a promotional tactic in which participants may win prizes by successfully answering quiz questions about their brand or sector.

Grow Your Business with Giveaways

Giveaways or promotional products are an excellent method to reach new audiences and promote your goods. You can provide a new product, a collection of items, or a monetary reward. But, whatever you decide, make sure it’s relevant to your business and something your target audience would be interested in.