Teaching from Home

The uncertainty of March

The month of March has always meant uncertain weather in Colorado. One day it is 70 degrees and sunny leaving you feeling that summer is already here; while the next day is a blizzard that deposits 18 inches of snow. This year, March has left all of us across the nation feeling uncertain about our future. I have spent a significant amount of time figuring out how to “weather” this storm of teaching effectively from home online. I have two lines of thought in relationship to my store that I would like to share.


Home schooling

First, to parents who are trying to enhance learning for their students, may I suggest you look into the dinosaur research projects on my TpT store. Young people need a “hook” in order to become immersed into a topic. Junior high and high school students can benefit greatly by completing the dinosaur research projects. They include creativity as well as a research component. There is also an early elementary worksheet set on dinosaurs that will engage young people into the field of science. The same can be said about the Geology Bucket List activity. There are projects available for both middle-school and high school students. These activities differ in complexity as well as length of project.


Video Notes

As far as teaching students from home, I have come to the conclusion that having short video clips available for students to watch will help to clarify complex information. When a student emailed me the following question “Can you please reexplain the P Wave shadow zone?” I was stumped as to how to do this clearly in writing. My resolution came as a “light-bulb moment” and I knew I had to make video clips for my classroom. Hence, my goal for the next month is to create short video clips that can be posted on Schoology or Google Classroom for students to watch, and rewatch, as needed. If I have learned anything during my time selling teaching products, it is that if I want to have it for my classroom, then others will benefit from having it available to them as well.


Best of luck to all of you parents and teachers during this unique time in our history. We will get through this together!


This article was originally published at midnightstarsciencelessons.com.