Industrial Crates Manufacturers

Industrial Crates Manufacturing


Here in Arizona there are different crating company. Industrial Crates Manufacturers are here to help to crate up your special belongings that need more protection than a cardboard box. These items are high value like paintings, artwork, and statues. There are many other valuable items. As Industrial Crating Pack & Services, our crating company can help with all your crating needs.


You will also use crates for items that are to heavy and you need to use a forklift to move. Many larger items like machinery, people will want them crated because they are being shipped overseas. A crate can protect the machinery from the outside elements. You build the crates for heaver items differently than a lighter item. You cannot build them the same because of the durability of the crate. Building larger crates take knowledge and planning. Our crating company, Industrial Crating Pack & Services can help you build the crate for your needs. Machinery crates are built to specification and per prints. These crates are custom-built.


High Efficiency Quality Crating Solutions

Industrial Crates Manufacturers can help with many different things. We can help you repair a damaged crate. In an existing crate, we are able to help with blocking and bracing items. We are able to build exhibit crates that people take to shows. These crates you can use multiple times, reusable crates are an excellent way to save money and keep your exhibit safe. Exhibit crates are specially build to hold different thing. They can be made to have many shelves to hold individual items or it can just have one.  Theses crates are made to your specification.


Industrial Crates Manufacturing will help with all your crating needs. Industrial Crating Pack & Services will be here for any of your questions and projects that you are needing a crate for. Please call us 602-244-0554.