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WHAT I’M ABOUT – Passion & Drive
As a high school senior portrait photographer in Phoenix, my passion is to build self confidence, capture and show love, and make friendships through photography. I’ve done all kinds of photography, but high school seniors have my heart! I also love to catch loving moments, hugs and giggles between amazing families and yes I am a hopeless romantic… a true love story on their special wedding day makes my heart full! My biggest thing is I want to make everybody feel like a somebody! A somebody that is worthy, smart, fun, unique, beautiful, empowered, confident, whatever YOU are or maybe what you don’t know that you are!


When I get a tear, a smile or a big hug after a session or a photo reveal I know that I have done my job! I want my kids to be proud of who I am and show them that no matter where you come from (the projects in Taunton MA) you can always do better, be better and try harder, if you love it do not give up!

THE SENIOR – Experience

All of my high school seniors get to choose the experience that best fits their needs. We can have an in person consultation and discuss everything or we can do it all via email or phone. Whatever is easiest for you! We will pick a location that you love and works with your outfits for your senior photos! Need help styling your session? We can arrange to meet with your outfit ideas and we will put together your outfits, or I can send you a Pinterest link with ideas, I love fashion!

If you choose an experience that has professional hair and makeup or add it onto your session I will get it all set up for you! THEN… Get ready to have a blast! Approx two to three weeks after your session we will meet for your photo reveal session and this is when you pick your products and place your order!


Other Phoenix Photographer Services

Photographers in phoenixFamily Photography Phoenix & Nearby Areas

Let’s be real… family photos are not everyone’s favorite thing to do… but they aren’t something to fight about! I know it can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! We can help you as much or as little as you need! I can set up professional hair and makeup for you. Here in Phoenix and nearby areas I have amazing hair and makeup artists that know how to do makeup for family photography which makes my job so much easier and you get pampered! I can send you ideas of what to wear for you and your family photography session in Phoenix. If you want me to shop for you and your family I will even do that! Win win!

Sooo… we have your clothing and your hair and makeup taken care of so what else do you need? Tell me!

I will choose the location after talking with you. We want you guys to have a fun experience! I want you to look at the photos and remember this time in your life, the way you felt, your littles personalities, they way your husband or wife looks at you. I love to capture giggles and real moments and love!

Family experience starts at $200

Inquire through my contact page or call me at 623-570-7390 to get my family pricing guide with the scoop on all sessions options and amazing products!

Newborn Photography Services Phoenix and Nearby AreasNewborn Photography Services

If you are looking in this section a Congratulations is in order! Newborn sessions should be done within the first 12 days of birth. This is an emotional time in your life as you are getting ready to have your baby, or just had your baby. The first 12 days you are lack of sleep, adjusting to life at home with your newborn and you are probably thinking I’m crazy.

Please know that I am absolutely qualified to handle your baby and don’t want this experience to cause more stress. I can come to you and set up in any room in your home or you can come to me at my home studio. I will have several options for you to choose from. You don’t need to buy clothes or outfits or anything. I use lots of wraps and headbands and that is all we need! You can hand your baby over and I will take care of the rest!

Newborn experiences start at $200

Ask me about the Baby Club! This includes 3 sessions, including your newborn, a sitter photography session (6 months) and baby’s first birthday! This package comes with perks and starts at $500

Maternity Photography Phoenix & Nearby Areas

Maternity PhotographyBeing a momma is one of THE. BEST. THINGS. EVER. First I want to congratulate you and tell you that there is nothing like it! Being a momma is beautiful, challenging, amazing, hard, tiring, emotional, fun, rewarding all at once… Whether this is your first baby or your last baby this is an amazing time in your life to document it! It’s a time where maybe you aren’t quite feeling like yourself. Your body is changing, even though it is a beautiful change it can sometimes be hard to handle.

This session is meant for you to embrace your changing body and look back on these photos and see the amazing miracle of pregnancy! It’s a time to see your true beauty and even feel a little bit sexy! I can come to your home to take these maternity photography / photos or we can go out on location in Phoenix nearby areas. There are several options for you to choose from to get these special photos! Let me help you choose the right session. If you need help styling your maternity photographer session in Phoenix I got you! I have some options you can wear or we can work on your look together!

Maternity experiences start at $200

Inquire through my contact page or call me at 623-570-7390 to get my family pricing guide with the scoop on all sessions options and amazing products!

Engagement Photographer in Phoenix and Nearby Areas

Engagement PhotographerLet’s be real… engagement photos are so much fun… They are something I love to do! I love to capture real and raw moments between two people that are in love! Yes I am a hopeless romantic and I can’t help it! I love to do engagement photos especially if you are thinking about hiring me for your wedding photos. This gives us the opportunity to get to know each other before your big day. And makes for the wedding day to be more comfortable. I can help you stylize this session and set up hair and makeup services. If you would like to get pampered!

I will choose the location after talking with you. Have a fun experience for the both you! I want you to look at the photos and remember this time in your life, the way you felt, they way you look at each other, the way his/her laughter sounds, the weather, the smells around you, the giggles and the love!

Engagement experience starts at $200

Corporate & Business Photography in Phoenix

Corporate & Business Photography in PhoenixI love working with local businesses and would love to hear from you! We have several options for corporate and business that need headshots or product photographer in Phoenix AZ and nearby areas. I have found over the last year that this is something I am loving!

Your headshot is your first impression! Believe it or not, it is! You have a brand to show off and you are a part of your brand! You must have a professional headshot, now I said professional, not boring, not traditional, but just a professional shot of you doing what you do, in your element.

Product Photography

If you are selling a product one of my favorite things is styling products for small businesses or corporate photography. I can provide social media content for you, facebook banners, hero images for your website… you name it!

Professional Phoenix headshots Photographer

Professional headshots PhotographerIf you have a service based business let me come in and take photos of what you do! Maybe you are a personal trainer or a lash consultant, I can come in and take your headshot and also take photos of you doing your thing!

Let’s plan a stylized session for your company. I have access to models and we can make your vision come true.

Photo shoot for your Boutique Brand

If you are a boutique I have some special options for you. I would love to chat and collaborate with you on you social media images and branding images. You know there are so many influencers out there, now is the time to get going on this!