Geography: Design an Island

It is now December!  Students are gearing up and preparing for finals.  It is a busy time of year in the classroom and culminating projects can be a large part of preparing students to better understand complex topics.  What better way to challenge student understanding of topographic maps than to have students design their own island!  This fun and challenging activity. Which helps students demonstrate their understanding of how to draw contour lines based off of a pre-determined set of instructions.


Design an Island using contour lines

The Activity sheets on Topographic maps (Topographic Maps & Drawing Profiles Bundle) is a great introduction to contour lines.  Once students practice labeling contour lines and drawing profiles they are ready to Design an Island on their own. And have fun demonstrating their understanding. Creating, or, putting information together in an innovative way, is the highest level of demonstrating understanding on Bloom’s Taxonomy.  In this project, students construct contour lines that show specific elevations and gradients for their island, and yet allow them to put their own creative twist on the project. Student make many variation of Topographic Maps using this activity.


Different level of Design an Island Activity

In addition, this activity is differentiated to allow students to choose their level of difficulty.  Choice gives students buy-in to a class.  The simpler version of this activity is very similar to the practice version of the “Design an Island” final project.  It is also more closely related to the simpler activity sheets on topographic maps on my web site.  Whereas the more difficult version of this activity allows students to be challenge with the information on topographic maps.  Student examples of both versions are included in the Design an Island activity sold on my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


It is important in the field of education to keep the needs of students first and foremost.  This high-level activity is an excellent way to assess the learning of our students; in fact, it can be use as a final exam project……


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Coming soon…..  Dinosaurs J

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