Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency roof repair is an undertaking many of us wish would not be necessary anytime. It implies that there is roofing damage that needs an immediate fix. It would be best if you didn’t put off these quick repairs, whether by yourself or through a contractor.

What Emergencies Can Damage Your Roof

Major weather catastrophes like storms and tornadoes happen every year, and they can damage your roofing on the worst possible times. Tornadoes can blow your roof shingles away or bring down a branch or a tree that can smash your roof. Storms can also tear down shingles and cause leakages. These events necessitate an immediate fix to avoid critters, pests, and water from coming into your house.

A fire also presents a critical issue since burnt roofing parts endanger the structural integrity of your roof. You would need professional roof repair services for such an emergency to avoid further damage to your home.Inspection Roof

Temporary Emergency Roof Repair

People usually hire roofers to fix their emergency needs, but there are times when professionals can’t come to your aid immediately. Maybe they don’t do holidays, or they’re busy with appointments for several days. These times would require a temporary emergency roof repair.

Temporary roofing fixes help you survive a short time until your contractors can do the job. Among the cheapest and fastest ways to temporarily fix a roof is through a tarp. This solution involves covering the damaged area with a plastic sheet and nailing its ends to ensure it stays in place. If you don’t like tarps, you can improvise shingles with metal or copper sheets.

You can reattach loose and displaced shingles temporarily by nailing them back. Heat guns can soften curled shingles enough to straighten them. Applying roof cement to nail heads and cracks also helps prevent leaks.

Emergency Roof Repair

Protect Your Roof

The next time your roofing gets damaged, keep calm. In times your contractor can’t come immediately, make some adjustments. You can prevent further problems by creating an emergency repair while waiting for a professional fix or a new roof. It can also save you from additional costs from molds and water damages to your home.