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The Arizona coffee scene doesn’t just live, but it buzzes very loudly. Countless coffee shops enjoy fame brought about by excellent social media reviews. Regular individuals and enthusiasts both praise the cafés’ exceptional ambiance mixed with warm service. Most of all, patrons anticipate trendy and high-quality coffee of every kind served in the state.

Most Popular Kinds of Coffee in Arizona

Arizona cafés serve coffees that are not just for quick morning sips but are also for relaxing midday breaks. From the favorite espresso to the current frappé, we’ll share some of the most famous brews the state’s coffee scene boasts.

EspressoCoffee Arizona

Espresso originates from Italy as a coffee-making method forcing hot water through fine aromatic coffee beans at high pressure. A well-made one is creamy with a thick brown foam.

Aficionados consider espresso as the purest coffee brew. However, it mixes well with cream and milk, inspiring many other specialty drinks such as cappuccino, macchiato, and Americano.


Among the favorite coffees in Arizona, Americano is a brew prepared by adding hot water to an espresso shot. The coffee got its name from American World War II soldiers in Europe who made them suit their taste. Varying amounts of water can result in different intensities, but cafés today have perfected a creamier blend.


A product of blending espresso, steamed milk, and frothy milk, cappuccino originates from Italy. A barista can also top it with cinnamon or chocolate powder or sprinkles. Cappuccino can double as a dessert, making it hugely popular all over the world.

Arizona Coffee

Café Au Lait

Café au lait is a French version of caffé latte made by mixing brewed coffee with steamed milk. It is weaker than a latte but foamier than a flat white, striking a balance that has enticed its fans.


Frappé is a Greek blend made by combining instant coffee, sugar, milk, and a little water in a mixer until the foam thickens. You can then pour this mix into a glass of ice cubes and cold water. Some add evaporated milk to sweeten the drink according to their preference.

Arizona coffee shops offer more variations of brews that attract different people with different tastes. You can taste these blends for yourself and get your day started excitedly or take a relaxing break from work.