Arizona Floors

Choosing the right material for your Arizona floors can be difficult, especially for commercial buildings. When you own a business establishment, there is more to consider. Commercial flooring also favors factors that residential flooring may undervalue.Arizona Floors

Best Materials for Arizona Floors

The most significant factor professionals value in commercial flooring is durability. Business establishments suffer from heavy foot traffic, making it vital to choose an appropriate floor material. The nature of the business can also dictate which flooring serves its purpose better.

Although there is a wide range of floors available in Arizona, few stand above others due to their functionality and durability.


Builders regard terrazzo as the best material for commercial flooring. Its combination of durability and versatility is perfect for business establishments with heavy foot traffic. Terrazzo makes for a safe surface because it is slip-resistant and withstands water and chemical damages.

Terrazzo also presents various design possibilities thanks to its versatility. And since terrazzo floors last a lifetime due to its strength, it comes as a low-cost solution for your flooring needs.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Luxury vinyl tile is among the top flooring options for commercial establishments. Its popularity comes from the availability of various designs at different price points and its long lifespan.

LVT is also extremely durable- it can withstand the wear and tear brought by heavy foot traffic. That is why commercial establishments often replace their tiles because of design changes and not damages. The replacement of LVT also comes at an affordable price due to its simple installation methods.

Quarry Tile

Epoxy Floor

The most significant advantage of quarry tile compared to other materials is its affordability. It works similarly with porcelain, which is costlier but has the same durability. Proper installation ensures that quarry tiles endure grease, spills, and stains, making it perfect for commercial kitchens.

Floors made of quarry tiles also tend to be cooler because of its heat-resistant properties, making it ideal for the Arizona heat.

Epoxy Flooring

Industrial establishments benefit significantly from epoxy flooring. It has extraordinary strength and versatility, perfect for manufacturing industries and laboratories combined with simple aesthetic appeal.

Proper installation is vital to achieving its maximum potential. Appropriate patching and coating methods will make its maintenance effortless- daily sweeping and wiping are enough to preserve its looks.

Arizona businesses grow with each day, so commercial building floors must accommodate and withstand everyday customer traffic. Know your purpose, study your options, and get the best flooring for your business needs without sacrificing your establishment’s aesthetic appeal.