Wooden Packing Crates

Wooden crates have been the best packing and shipping material worldwide for years now. Different kinds accommodate a variety of products, with many customized according to packaging needs. But what makes them a popular solution for transporting goods?

Benefits of Wooden Packing Crates

The shipping industry has seen plenty of technological advances over the years, yet wood is still the favorite packaging material. It wouldn’t enjoy as much popularity without the advantages that put it ahead of other shipping options. Here are some of the reasons wooden crates are still the best for your shipping needs.


Wooden Packing CratesDurability is still the primary reason for the continued preference for wooden crates. They can handle heavy loads without quickly succumbing to wear and tear. They are perfect for fragile, valuable goods that need protection from outside elements such as the weather and dirt.

This strength also allows them to withstand vertical pressure and stack up to several rows without damaging the contents. It helps utilize space more effectively, whether in shipment vehicles or storage facilities.


Packing and shipping companies usually offer customization of wooden crates. It lets you specify several measurements and dimensions that can help cater to your needs or shapes and sizes you might prefer. That means you can be sure that your crate serves your purpose in the best possible way.


Wood is a natural material, and its processing does not require gases or toxic chemicals, so they pose no harm to the environment and the people involved. The absence of toxic materials- which may be present in plastic and other treated materials- also benefits your package by avoiding exposure to these potentially harmful particles.

Wooden packing crates are also reusable. Proper handling can allow them to last for another shipping or act as storage containers for a longer time. When they wear down, you can break them down and reuse the planks for other purposes, such as decorative projects.


Wooden Crates Company

There is no denying that wooden crates are the best material when it comes to packing and shipping. The benefits they have are excellent reasons for their popularity over other materials, even with all the industry’s technological advances. So when you need a solution for all your packaging and moving needs, wooden crates might be the perfect answer for you.