Where to Buy Wooden Crates

where to buy wooden crates

Wooden crates are reliable options if you’re looking for versatile storage solutions. They have been around for ages, storing everything. Furthermore, wooden crates will make your household essentials securely stored.

Where to Buy Wooden Crates

There are many crating companies in the industry. One of the highly recommended companies is Industrial Crating Pack & Services because of our quality products, experienced and knowledgeable workforce. We have 20+ years of experience in building different types of crates.

In other words, you can purchase wooden crates here in Industrial Crating Pack & Services. We can customize the crate to your specifications, and we’ll provide recommendations on the right and best crate you need. Several different crates are available for making, and we’d be happy to assist you with whatever type you need.

ICPS Custom Crates

custom crates

We recently completed a special request crate. Clients were looking for a four-way pallet with a 34-inch plywood wall. We needed to break down the box, so we used latches and hooks to put it together. We use pressure-treated wood because the crate walls are going to be stored outside.

Furthermore, to preserve the wood for longer use, certain chemicals are treated. The chemical treatment of the wood has given the container a greenish hue. You can see the difference between treated and untreated wood. We also made a welded metal custom frame to safeguard the item stored in this custom crate. This container will be easy to transport and store wherever they require it.

Buy Wooden Crates to Us Now

In Arizona, there are few sites where you may get and buy wooden crates. We are here to assist you with any crating needs you may have and help you in the state of AZ. ICPS can also manufacture crates for you, and you may arrange for them to be shipped.

We are your crating provider here in Arizona. We are happy to assist you with any crates you need, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 602-244-0554 for a quotation.