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The Advantage of using Wooden Crates

The Advantage of Using Wooden CratesWe at Industrial Crating understand that customers may have anxiety about the potential damage on their precious items and valuable products during packing and shipping. With that in mind, we offer one of the best custom shipping products that provides the best possible protection, and that is The Advantage of using Wooden Crates.

When shipping your precious items, choosing the right packaging container is among the most important decision you’ll ever make when shipping.

Wooden crates are one of the most popular shipping containers. They are known to be one of the best materials for packaging. They have self-supporting structures which is the ideal choice when shipping various items and products regardless if they are lightweight, heavy or fragile.

Shipping companies consider the nature of the commodities, the transportation cost and the shipping conditions during the transport planning. The biggest factor that influence the choice of packaging materials are durability, environmental friendliness, material cost and the convenience in distributing commodities.

Wooden crates are so popular for the fact that they can transport a variety of commodities because they are easy to design, and they only require simple procedures and tools.

Many benefits of a wooden crate are that, they can be repaired locally.

They are quite easy and efficient to manufacture from a customer’s set of custom design specs. Woods are relatively resistant to different weather conditions including salt (sea) water. One of the most important factors in choosing a wooden crate to ship your items or products is that it offers added security and protection specially for
fragile and valuable items and products. They can withstand great vertical pressure when stacked properly and weight is evenly distributed.

They are also reusable and provide good ventilation while being completely natural. If the type of shipping container is a crucial deciding factor in your business, then contact Industrial Crating today. We can design customized wooden crates based on your specific requirements.