SEO Packages Phoenix

How Much Does SEO Cost in 2021?

Various economies worldwide are highly unpredictable nowadays due to the pandemic, and the uncertainty only grows as 2021 approaches. But while the COVID-19 halted many businesses, it also drove internet usage to an unprecedented rate. So for Phoenix businesses looking to spread their brand, reliable SEO packages are perfect for your 2021 marketing.

SEO Packages Phoenix

Determining the Cost of Phoenix Professional SEO Packages

Various factors determine the price of certain SEO services and packages– the agency’s experience, your company’s targets, and the resources needed. Your target market’s competition is also essential since it shows how much work needs doing. When looking for Phoenix SEO professionals, it will be best to choose an agency that provides comprehensive SEO services, not just cheap deals.

Typical Pricing for Different SEO Service Models

How much should you invest in professional SEO services? The pricing may vary depending on the service model, from an hourly rate of $80-$200 to $5,000-$30,000 for project-based SEO.

Here are the standard Phoenix SEO packages costs for 2020 according to different service models, which may not change for 2021.

  • Hourly Professional Rate – $80 – $200

Hiring SEO consultants means paying an hourly rate of $80 to $200. The exact price may depend on the previously stated factors, especially the consultant’s expertise level.

  • Monthly Retainer – $750 – $2,000

Partnering with an expert SEO agency is a popular choice for small to medium-size enterprises. SEO involves plenty of work to accomplish maximum results, and utilizing this model is an excellent way to do that. For around $750-$2,000, a Phoenix SEO agency provides packages that cater to your site’s needs, such as on-page and off-page SEO.

Affordable SEO in Arizona

  • Project-Based SEO – $5,000 – $30,000

This model involves contracting an SEO agency for a specific project for your business. The actual price hinges on the consultant’s experience and several other factors like the project’s extent and duration.

  • Pay-for-Performance or Result-Based SEO

Result-based SEO is a client-friendly model that eliminates the risk of losing out on your investment. An agency or consultant works on the website but only charges clients when they get the desired results. It is perfect for start-ups and small scale companies.

Don’t Just Look at the Cost, Consider Your SEO Needs

When employing professional SEO service, remember that it is also an investment for your company’s growth. Don’t just look for cheap deals. Understand your website’s needs, and get the best Phoenix SEO packages that fit your goals to guarantee more successful marketing for your business.