Sandblasting Phoenix

Sandblasting is a popular cleaning method for Phoenix homes for many years now. It typically serves a dual purpose- it smoothens and returns surfaces to their natural concrete colors while cleaning them effectively. But aside from those, it provides various applications, all with excellent benefits.

Soda as Blasting Medium

What Is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting, also known as abrasive blasting, involves using a high-pressure spray to clean a surface thoroughly. Phoenix sandblasting companies commonly use silica, glass beads, steel grits, walnut shells, and soda as blasting media. The term only became popular since the sand was the most prominent, if not the only, medium in the past until different industries utilized other grits.

Various Effective Uses of Sandblasting

While most people call for sandblasting services to clean surfaces, it provides more uses than that. It can remove paint coats, rust, and dirt and smoothen the exterior to prepare it for repainting. It also gets rid of rust efficiently to prevent corrosion in metal surfaces.

Of course, restoring the original brick surfaces in residential and commercial buildings is the primary purpose of abrasive blasting. It works on several exteriors such as concrete, bricks, and even metals. Wood is also a possible restoration candidate, but a professional service would be best to do the job.

The Benefits of Sandblasting for Phoenix Residential Buildings

Bricks and concrete typically make up many of the homes in most parts of Arizona. But with the hot climate, paints peel off easier than usual. It is why sandblasting became a sought-after means of cleaning the home surfaces in the Phoenix area.

Because of the high-pressure machine, sandblasting can penetrate through layers of paint or dirt with relative ease. Professional sandblasters can also utilize different blasting media depending on your needs to ensure the best results.

Sandblasting PhoenixEnsure Reliable Sandblasting Services for Your Home

While it is possible to go through the process by yourself if you have the proper tools, abrasive blasting is challenging and complicated. It would be more advantageous to hire professional service for your sandblasting needs to ensure a perfect job for your Phoenix home.