Patio Furniture AZ

Purchasing the right material for your AZ patio furniture may be a bit challenging than you would expect. The sunny and dry weather- the primary factor in most options- complicates most of the quality you may be looking for in furniture makes. But, it also helps narrow down the suitable candidates for your outdoor patio.

Best AZ Patio Furniture Materials

The AZ climate affects different materials in varying ways, so the right kind is vital to ensuring long-lasting patio furniture. If you’re trying to keep a budget, the idea of buying more durable materials doesn’t necessarily translate to picking pricier furniture. Some of the better kinds may surprisingly be more affordable than you think.

Recycled Plastic Patio Chairs

Choose Teak for Incredible Durability

There are many wood types used for furniture, but teak is the most suitable choice for hot and dry weather. It is relatively more expensive, but that is because of its remarkable durability. It is also heavy and does not absorb heat- perfect for desert-like surroundings with sun and sun exposure.

Recycled Plastic as Affordable Alternate

On the other end of the price-spectrum, recycled plastic is among the most affordable outdoor patio furniture in the AZ market. It can imitate the beauty of wood and metal materials for less amount. Maintaining plastic furniture is also effortless- wiping with cloth or sponge usually does the trick.

Although it is relatively durable, plastic usually cracks and fades under intense sunshine, so it may be better for short term usage or while planning for more expensive ones.

Aluminum Outdoor Patio Chair

Cast Aluminum Is a Popular Choice

Cast aluminum is an affordable, lightweight, and durable material, making it a popular option for patio furniture. It can also withstand prolonged sun exposure without getting too hot. It does not rot and fade, so you can be sure that it will last a long time.

Pick Resin Wicker for a Luxurious Look

Resin wicker furniture is durable and made out of synthetic materials that resist sun and moisture damage. It can withstand extended sunshine exposure without heating up and other outdoor elements without fading- perfect for an AZ patio furniture. It also requires minimal effort in maintenance, so merely spraying it with water and letting it dry outside would work.

Resin wicker’s natural beauty also blends well with outdoor settings. Nowadays, it is available in numerous colors and styles, so you can choose which matches your patio style.