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The local SEO rules were changed. It is not now acceptable to list a couple of local towns, Google Places. As well as citations no longer bear the weight they did the other year. The quality of your site is much more significant,. Because search engines want to support websites that are applicable to searchers’ queries. No quantity of OffSite SEOs matters if your website contains no content. This is first to be tested for each potential client and then suggested by the Local SEO teams.

What it is and why is local SEO important?

Local SEO helps to customize the local companies ‘ websites, for example within a specific geographical area. Phoenix, AZ, so they’ll come up when someone’s looking vertically nearby. This is obviously important for local companies, as potential customers consider it, not just a block away from the competition.

The shortage of relevant content or, even worse, no information on our homepages, are one of the key issues that our local SEO group sometimes faces when reviewing a local SEO website. Your web weights the most strongly on the home page and it is crucial that you find relevant material on your site. Your customers are looking for helpful relevant information and they don’t want to search (click through) to figure out whether your company provides what they need. In particular, 60% of searches on a moving device are now being performed.

Enter Google Mobilegeddon, is your website mobile friendly?

If websites that are not mobile oriented were launched in April 2015, this new update would lose its rank if browsing mobile sites. So it ought to be as websites that do not lose mobile customers anyway, since a mobile visitor can not easily identify what you are looking for on a site that is not mobile. Since it was introduced several years ago, Black Box Consulting has built mobile friendly / responsive websites. Our customers didn’t have to worry about Mobilegeddon, and at least not about our sites. SEO services are provided for non-constructed websites.

Local SEO Phoenix

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