Home in Phoenix Arizona

Many home buyers consider new builds as alternatives in Phoenix, Arizona, due to the decreasing supply of available houses in Maricopa County. Significant new-build neighborhoods also arise all over the city and its nearby areas. But when undertaking such house hunting, it is crucial to ask for assistance from a reliable realtor.

Vital Role of a Reliable Realtor in Searching for a New Home in Phoenix, Arizona

Having your realtor is essential when looking up a new-build neighborhood the initial time. A house contractor usually does not allow a real estate agent to join in your visit. It would mean that you’ll have to collaborate with the builder’s representative, who most likely prioritizes the contractor’s interests.

Home in Phoenix Arizona

Professional Real Estate Agents Accelerate the Process

Being with a dependable Arizona real estate agent, such as Cara and Chad Dankberg, would aid throughout the whole exercise of acquiring a new home in Phoenix.

There are typically standby lists and draws nowadays to pick out the lots whenever they’re accessible. Developers launch only a certain number of lots at a period, so they don’t build too many houses at once to prevent setbacks. Based on their size and location, these lots usually come at an exclusive rate.

If you have an accomplished realtor negotiating on your behalf, you will often skip these waitlists or get bumped closer to the top.

Excellent Realtors Readily Present Plenty of Design Options

The next stage would be to see through the design phase once you agreed to a contract for your new home in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s where you proceed to the contractor’s design studio to decide all your choices, from shelves and floor tiles to doors and paints and more. It can be daunting, particularly for a few individuals who have not been through the experience before.

Not only will Chad and Cara assist with the phase to ensure that your new place is great for you when you settle in, but it will also cater to clients once you are open to selling it.

A Dedicated Realtor Works to the End

Arizona Realtor

You will also have chances in the process to conduct assessments to ensure that there are no hidden problems in your new home in Phoenix, Arizona. Usually, a constructor can do these checks, but you have the option of having your evaluator to make sure that you miss nothing.

At the end of the construction stage, you will have the very last home tour with your Arizona real estate agent and a developer representative. It is to check any faults that require immediate attention with blue tape for the contractor to resolve before you move in.

Move to Your New Home in Arizona Now

Usually, the whole procedure would take 8-12 months from the moment you ink the contract up to the day you obtain the keys to your new Phoenix, Arizona home. Chad and Cara Dankberg are here to assist you through it and address any inquiries you might have.