Granite Slabs Phoenix

Granite slabs are popular for kitchen countertops in Phoenix homes and all over the world. Their beauty and durability make them valuable assets to your property. Homeowners who purchase and install granite countertops also consider them worth every expense in the long run because of those attributes.

Different Colors of Granite Slabs for Phoenix Kitchens

While white and black are the most common, more colors of granite slabs are available for your Phoenix kitchen countertop. Natural formation and different mineral combinations give them unique color schemes and patterns. They can range from the familiar black and white to the simple brown and beige, and even the very rare red and aqua blue variety.

Here are some of the various colors of granite slabs available in the Phoenix market.

White Granite Slabs

White Granite

Quartz and feldspar make up white granite. It can not be pure white because of amphibole grains that failed to form altogether, giving it black and dark green specks. Slabs that are 100% white are not granite but are more likely artificial stones made from crushed quartz and resin.

Black Granite

Despite its name, black granite is essentially gabbro, which is a dense igneous rock. It is primarily composed of minerals such as pyroxene and plagioclase. It can also contain olivine and amphibole. The colors give an excellent and sharp contrast, making it perfect for homes with light color schemes.

Brown and Gold Granites

Brown and gold granite slabs are perfect for a natural tone for your Phoenix kitchen. They consist of quartz, feldspar, mica, and amphibole. They complement wooden furniture and cabinets and give off warm country vibes.

Red GraniteGranite Slabs Phoenix

Red granite consists of potassium feldspar, quartz, and dark mica. It is relatively exotic and expensive than other colors, but it provides a striking and contemporary look to your kitchen.

Blue Granite

Larvikite, an igneous mineral, is usually misidentified as what we call the blue granite. However, its bright tone delivers the most magnificent appearance to a kitchen, any way you apply it. It is usually the most expensive type of countertop material because of its rarity and high demand.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home, granite countertops are a surefire way to do it. Granites are available in various colors and patterns that are unique from another. Choose the colors that best complement your style and create an elegant vibe perfect for your kitchen.