Granite countertops provide elegant aesthetics in kitchens and bathrooms and have other excellent features. Though, there are some possible weaknesses to keep in mind as you consider granite countertops for your home. Here is a glance at both aspects of the topic.


Granite Countertops Reasons you can ConsiderGranite Countertops

Granite has an abundant beauty that only some countertop materials can match up. It is an organic natural element with an everlasting feeling and charm. Granite countertops take a fine kitchen to the next level visually and often turn out to be the focus of the room. With over 20 shades of granite to use, you’ll get one that perfectly blends with your kitchen cabinets, flooring and walls.


Granite is an extremely hard material and is not prone to scratches. Though not best to work on because it will dull knife blade, it will take normal wear and tear just fine. Granite repels heat too, so its use close to a range or stove is ideal. When you must set down a hot pan quickly, granite can take the heat with no damaged or weakened. As well as in the bathroom, putting a hair tool on it that is still hot won’t be a trouble.


Granite can incredibly withstand stains and will not absorb liquids once it is correctly sealed. A great trained installer can seal it properly so that it retains its attractive excellent looks indefinitely, or you can do it yourself.


Reasons to be Watchful about Granite Counter tops

In all their attractiveness and toughness, granite counters do of course have some weaknesses. The most troubling challenge can arise when the countertops are not sealed properly, or the sealant wears off without the counters have been resealed. Granite is porous. This suggests that unsealed or badly sealed counters can soak up wine, juice or oil, creating a stain that could be difficult to remove. A poorly sealed countertop in its pores can also harbor bacteria.


Some treated granite be able to go 10 years without being sealed, but many counter tops will require to be resealed annually. When this is overlooked, it won’t take long for granite countertops to begin to show signs of staining.


While these counters are very strong, a strong object dropped on a corner could crack or chip the granite. This isn’t common, but it can occur under the right situations. The final caution is that granite countertop rates are very high. Anticipate paying more than $100 per square foot of countertop, and rates as high as $250 are not uncommon.