July 2018: Got It / Getting There / Shaky Activity

Summer is half over!  Every year at the 4th of July I realize that there really isn’t much time left before school starts. It is time to start preparing for the upcoming year of classes so that everything runs smoothly.  Luckily, June’s reflections resulted in ideas and a firm direction for this preparation.  Studies have shown that students reflecting upon their own work and progress increases student achievement rapidly.  Midnight Star is focusing on activities for students to find where they are strong and where they need to focus their attention.

Got It / Getting There / Shaky Activity

The “Got It/Getting There/Shaky” activities devised by Midnight Star’s geology lessons have proved very successful and are going to be a focus for this school year.  It is my goal to expand upon these ideas and make them even better.

It can be difficult for teachers to take the time to have students reflect on their progress.  Curriculum calendars weigh heavily on teachers and we are expected to “get through” all of the material by a predetermined date.  However, this reflection is extremely powerful and turns out to be worth the time spent in class.  It is important to make this reflection meaningful.  Perhaps require a parent signature on the form; or give points for improving where they have determined they need to improve.  As the year progresses for me in both my Geology and Astronomy classes, I will be adding activities that will aid other teachers with this goal in mind.

I have uploaded one such “Got It/Getting There/Shaky” activity onto my Teachers Pay Teachers site.  It is the “Geologic Time Formative Check” activity.  There are several differentiated versions of this activity so that teachers can choose what works best for them.  Answer keys are provided for each version as well as instructions outlining the options for its use in the classroom.


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