Geology and Earth Science Teachers

science lessonsHello Geology and Earth Science Teachers.  Now that it is July (and I have had time to decompress) I have started to think about the geology activities for high school students that I would like to focus on this year.  The Dinosaur Dig and Research Project will be my focus this year.  This project, which I have focused on updating for the last two years, is finally complete and I am excited to be unveiling it on my TpT store in August!  I will also be unveiling this project at the junior high level as well.  This geology activity for high school students is complex and requires students to think critically to correctly identify the bones of the animals they have been given as a group before they assemble them.  Once they have been assembled, students will research that animal and then creatively display their work as a 3-page book.

Geology and Earth Science Teachers – Activities for this year!

This geology activity for high school students takes a significant amount of time to complete, which is good for a culminating project for a unit, and allows for creative students to shine.  It also gives students a choice on how to complete the project helping to provide buy-in from students.  This same activity is available for junior high students as well.  It is less complex and requires less research of the students.  What better way to inspire students to do well in school than to include dinosaurs in their science education?

To tie this geology activity to my last blog, visit a museum of nature and science in your summer to-do list.  Bringing pictures of dinosaurs from museums into the classroom is a great way to bring the subject of geology alive.  The Tyrannosaurus Rex named “Sue” is on full display at the Chicago Field Museum; check it out if you live nearby.  In the meantime, enjoy July!  I look forward to sharing my “Grand Geology Unveiling” with the teaching world!


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