Express Crating Phoenix AZ

You may need a crate made fast! Industrial Crating can help with your Express Crating needs in Phoenix AZ. Finding a place to crate your item may be time consuming but we can help.  We are able to look at your item and help you crate your item in the best way.  Here at ICPS we are able to give you options for crating. We can show you the different crates and the different options to protect and secure your item.  We have corrugated wood frame crates, corrugated crates and plywood crates.  These types of crates can be made efficiently and in a timely matter.  Industrial Crating Pack & Service can help you with your express crating needs in Phoenix AZ.

Phoenix’s Premier Express Crating, Custom Packaging

Crating is a art. You need to know what you are doing so your items can be safe. That we fully custom make our crates to fit the items that are needing to be shipped, large or small.  Items can be a very odd shape which can take a lot if though and creativity.  But we will get it done. It is important to make sure the crate is the right size and the item is secure. Fully custom crates are our specialty.  We are proud of our workmanship and customer service.  We want to help you with your fully custom crating in AZ.

express custom crating provider azIndustrial Crating Pack & Services is here to help you with your express crating in Phoenix AZ and fully custom crating in AZ.  We would like to help with all your crating needs.  ICPS make many different types of crates and many of the same types of crates for our customers. We are up for the challenge to help you crate up your items.


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