Dinosaur Dig and Research Project-Junior High School Level

Watch as Jokobe volunteers to complete a Junior High “Dinosaur Dig and Research Project” on Camarasaurus.  This project is designed for the middle school or junior high school student.  It is less complex than the high school version in that each page only contains two dinosaurs with a few bones missing, versus the high school version that has three dinosaurs per page and more missing bones per animal.  Also, the research required for the students in the junior high version is significantly simplified.  Students will love the ability to learn more information about their individual dinosaur and they also enjoy getting to create their own artistic background (based on their research).  Collaboration is key to successful completion of this amazing group/individual project.  Because this project is set up to be completed on/in file folders, a museum gallery walk can be set up in your classroom!  This is an incredible activity if you teach junior high or middle school Earth Science, General Science, Biology or even Art!  Don’t miss out!  These projects are revealed for the first time today in my TpT store!