Crating Services Arizona

Crating services ICPS in Arizona is a crating company, crate builder or builds boxes. Build custom crate. Provides best way to crate & packs product near meIndustrial crating packs & services Inc. is a crating company that is an expert crate builder or builds boxes. Our company can build any size crate or box that you want. We can help you figure out what is the best way to crate your product.


Crating is a way to keep your product safe during transport. Crating uses wood/plywood to build a box around the product. Wood is a safer and stronger product.


ICPS Crating Services is a crating company that specializes in on-site crating. We take pride in building the crates in house and then crating the equipment onsite. With the crates being in broken down form our on-site crating time is much lower than other crating companies. We strive to make your crating service flow smoothly and timely.


Custom Crating Services is our specialty

Custom crating is a crate that is build directly to what you need. You can send us a print or have us stop by and see your product. We will measure and recommend the best way to crate. We have different crating options for you to choose from. You would crate electronics differently than a heavy piece of equipment verses a painting. Will all the ways to crate we will have recommendations for you.

Different types of Crates

Industrial Crating Packs and Services Inc. builds many different types of crates large and small, heavy duty to corrugated. Heavy duty crates are able to hold large and heavy items. They are manufacture with a wood and plywood base with plywood walls. Depending with the weight of the item the base is build accordingly. The base may have a double to triple layer of plywood for the support of the item being crated. Crates can also be made with a wood base and frame with a corrugated wrap. Which ever way to want to crate your item we can help.