Corrugated Plastics

Corrugated plastics are among the most versatile and useful products in different industries today. It is because of the many ways in which businesses utilize them for industrial and commercial usage. They also have various advantages over other materials, such as superior durability, lighter weight, and lower cost.

What Are Corrugated Plastics?

Corrugated plastic sheets are twin wall products pressed, made from polypropylene resin. The materials are lightweight but sturdy and can vary in width and color depending on the manufacturer. The surfaces also tend to be impermeable, helping avoid stains and making them easier to clean.

Corrugated Plastics

Uses of Corrugated Plastics

Corrugated plastic sheets have plenty of applications in different industries that make them valuable in each of them. Here are some of the most common uses for them:

Packaging and Storage

Corrugated plastic boxes are popular packaging and storage materials, especially in offices and retail industries. As mentioned earlier, they have an excellent combination of lightweight and strength that makes for effective storing. They are also recyclable, relatively inexpensive, and easy to customize by cutting with a knife.

Structures and Roofs

Corrugated plastics are 200 times stronger than glass and five times lighter than plywood, rendering them perfect for small structures and temporary shelters. They are also easy to transport and install. Unlike other materials like plywood require painting to look pleasing, they already have colors that don’t fade.

Translucent plastic sheets are also ideal as roofing for greenhouses and sunrooms. They can even withstand extreme temperatures and other exterior elements.


These days, corrugated plastic sheets are common materials for display boards and signages. They come in a wide selection of colors and are printable, albeit via UV printing. They are also easy to move and affix on certain surfaces- perfect for marketing signages.

Corrugated Plastic Sheets

Corrugated plastics are so flexible that there are also lesser-known yet practical personal usages for them like crafts and hobbies. However, their numerous industrial and commercial applications are what set them apart from other similar materials. With such versatility, the corrugated plastic sheet is the number one material for many industries, and it may continue to be so in the future.