Corrugated Boxes

Plastic corrugated boxes are reliable and eco-friendly solutions for various packaging needs everywhere. Manufacturers often use high-impact polypropylene resin, vinyl, and other varieties. They appear similar to corrugated paper, with both upper and lower sheets supported by fluted ribs for strength.

The material can be available in varying thickness depending on the intended utilization. Corrugated plastic boxes’ uses include waste management, food transport, and other applications- even in the medical field. Chemical storage also benefits from its durability.

Advantages of Corrugated Plastic Boxes

There are many reasons people prefer plastic boxes over others. If you’re looking for packaging solutions, here are some of the benefits of corrugated plastic.

They Are ResilientCorrugated Boxes

Shipping packages often present challenges before the items reach their destinations. The roads can get bumpy, or storms may affect transport. That is why your packaging should resist factors like water, oil, and other fluids, whether from inside or outside.

Plastic sheets resist these liquids and even some harsh chemicals. This strength makes them the best option for moving fragile items like electronic and mechanical parts. They are also reliable in high-moisture settings and easy to clean.

They Are Reusable

Plastic is more durable compared to other materials, making them reusable. Its strength also contributes to a longer lifespan for more usage. The plastics used are viable and eco-friendly variants, made up of mostly reprocessed materials. You also don’t dispose of the boxes, but instead, return them to transporters for recycling.

They Are Lightweight and VersatilePlastic Corrugated Box

Among the best advantages of plastic corrugated boxes include being filed, sealed, and folded for transport and storage. They are flexible and easy to bend due to the thin layers. The sheets, measuring from 1-5mm thick, also make them light without compromising their durability.

You can also pick your preferred design. Manufacturers usually offer custom-made packages according to client requirements and purposes. Plastic boxes can come in different colors, sizes, and designs depending on what you fancy.