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Where did our kids franchise for STEM Education Services start?

As a mother of three, I have struggled to find educational services of high quality for my kids in the world of STEM. Throughout engineering, programming, robots and chemistry there have been so many offers. But for my children in the medical field, I can not find anything As a doctor I knew that there was a chance since other parents were looking for the same kind of courses. Which is why I have founded Little Medical School, a child education franchise. I wanted to share the experiences and knowledge my pediatric mother had developed for me as a kid which guided me to become a physician.


Children’s After-school Franchise for Healthcare Careers

Our franchise model has enabled us in exposing children of 59 domestic and international markets to our inspirational and creative learning, which really focuses on a wide range of quality healthcare careers. In addition, we teach children just how of their own bodies work, good habits, and young life-saving skills. Our child education business model is a fantastic platform of our distinctive program. Something that puts emphasis on the influence of profession-playing to learn and understand our lessons to children aged 1-14. Our children education franchise operators are from both sorts of backgrounds. They include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, IT specialists, educators and company owners. In spite of their varied backgrounds, they all express an enthusiasm for encouraging kids to imagine a prosperous future.


Mobile Child Related Franchise Opportunities

If your child wants to be a doctor, a physician, a public health nurse. Such as a vet tech, an emergency medical technician or a nutritionist. We give franchises opportunity that includes hundreds of hours of courses which they can brought to the local market. through either in an after-school programs, summer programs, outdoor events such as patrol rewards including school trips. Kids parties are yet another wonderful way to introduce kids and keep STEM topics challenging and rewarding! Little Medical School is an early education franchise that I am glad to offer throughout markets across the country and abroad.