Boiler Repairs

Boilers are essential to creating a warm and comfortable environment, especially during winter. Whether in the office or at home, no one can perform tasks effectively when they’re cold. They are also useful to hospitals and schools that rely on warm running water.Boiler Companies

Boiler Check-ups and Repairs

Boilers typically require little maintenance due to its durability. Learning how to handle and take care of them properly is doable. But when you take your boiler for granted, and it breaks down, repairs can be challenging. While you can check the problems on your own, it is best to contact professional boiler service for fixes.

Some of the most common problems your boiler can encounter, their causes, and rudimentary fixes are:

Boiler Keeps Switching Off

Several reasons, such as low water pressure or obstruction, can cause this issue. Boilers have automated safety systems that force them to stop when they discover such problems. You can attempt re-pressurizing or thawing condensed pipes if you are knowledgeable, but best to call professional services if not.

Radiator Not Heating Up

Usually, an air build-up stops water from filling the radiator and causes the problem. You can solve this by bleeding the radiator. If the problem persists, there may be sludge and rubble at the bottom that requires flushing by a professional.


If your boiler makes odd sounds like banging, rumbling, or whistling, you may need professional boiler repairs. This problem may be because of trapped air or mineral deposits that have built up in the system. Kettling can lead to much bigger problems if left unfixed.

Leaking and Dripping

A sloppy connection or deterioration may cause leakage in boilers. A broken internal piece is also a common reason. Leaking directly from a boiler tank signifies corrosion and may entail a replacement. If the leak comes from somewhere else, such as the pressure valve or pump, it is repairable.

Boiler Repairs

Troubles on Pilot Light

A defective thermocouple- sensor for measuring temperature- causes this problem. It can prevent the gas source from reaching the boiler. You may try to revive the pilot light yourself, but an engineer is recommended for this type of repair.

These are some of the most common issues your boiler may face during its lifetime. While there may be some DIY fixes offered, it will always be best to consult professional boiler services to avoid further damages and repairs to your system.